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The long-term goal of ABPT Token is to replace all the volatile and unstable existing crypto coins. Today, the cryptocurrency industry suffers from a lack of a stablecoin – a stable currency that allows traders to hedge against certain market fluctuations.

Some companies have tried to launch stablecoins like Tether, which is based on a USD reserve fund. ABPT Crypto believes the future stablecoin, however, will be backed by precious metals – which is why we launched the first Asset Backed Palladium Token. We want to be the preferred choice for crypto traders seeking stability in unstable markets.


Manage your Account from Any Device

Enjoy the advantages of a Physical Metal-Backed Cryptocurrency Token from your computer or mobile device. Some of the Features are:

  • Secure
    ABPT Token offers blockchain-based security. Placing the digital asset on the blockchain means there’s no risk of double spending. Trust and delivery is decentralized. Once you have a digital ABPT token, that token will not disappear for reasons outside your control.
  • Smart Contracts
    ABPT Token uses smart contracts for all transactions. Smart contracts are used to decentralize trust during the delivery process, allowing ABPT Token to be traded like a secure type of digital cash.
  • Backed By Real, Physical Metals
    ABPT Token decentralizes trust of the delivery of the Palladium Precious metal as well. The Palladium is always fully collateralize and waiting to be claimed by ABPT Token holders.
  • Convert Metals Instantly
    At any time, a ABPT Token holder can convert their coin into a basket of precious Palladium by delivering it back to ABPT Crypto via smart contract. The third party holder – the metal storage facility – will then release the secularized ownership documents (called “warrants”).
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