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We've created a new type of Digital Asset that is designed to build your wealth, not destroy it, ABPT Crypto keeps you in control and lets you invest on your terms.

ABPT Token provides a simple, fast, secure means of payment with high liquidity. Most importantly, it is risk-free and Regulated.

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Token Allocation Summary

The tech industry is rapidly growing, ABPT Token allows you to participate in that growth story by directly investing in an asset-backed Palladium token that is protected and funded by the precious metal that is making it all possible, that means your ABPT coins can never go to zero.

While traditional institutions fear and combat the blockchain, we have openly embraced it and see it as the logical next step in simplifying and increasing security in modern investing. Our token is regulated, feeds the growth of the technology sector, is liquid, future-proof, and protected by one of the highest value growing precious metals, Palladium.

You don't want to miss out on the next tech boom. Investing in the metals that technologies like solar, electric vehicles, robotics and AI, guarantees you a share of the profits.

Token Offer - 46.000.000 60%
UTO Bounties - 11.500.000 30%
Post-UTO Community Reserve - 23.000.000 40%
Post-UTO Community Building - 23.000.000 35%

ABPT Global Expansion

Commodities trading used to be complicated, expensive and limited to the rich. Thanks to ABPT Crypto is now a sophisticated play accessible by everyone.

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