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What is ABPT?

ABPT Crypto Token links the traditional financial markets with cryptocurrency by pioneering the sector of commodities-backed tokens. ABPT Token can be redeemed for Palladium precious metal that is physically deliverable. As such, it has a price floor and intrinsic value.

Every ABPT Token has an underlying basket of metal, which is publicly disclosed and identical. This feature allows for tangibility of the token. Additionally, the Palladium that underlie the tokens give holders exposure to one of the currently most important precious metals and strategic commodity behind the project.

Although ABPT maintains the connection between the crypto and the metals underlying it, the connection is decentralized thanks to independent service providers. Network integrity is maintained with rational economic principals. ABPT Crypto feels that two of the most important factors behind the coin are the facts that it will never reach zero and that it is decentralized.

How the Blockchain Works

In the blockchain, ABPT Tokens are registered to specific addresses. Creating a ABPT Wallet address is nothing more than picking a random valid private key that can be use to store or transfer Coins in or out. learn more on the technology behind ABPT Token by our Blockchain expert, Marta Chierego.

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Benefits for Everyone

Because of the use of the blockchain, ABPT Crypto Token is stable and secure, relying on smart contracts to reduce risk and speculation.

ABPT Token is also liquid and flexible. Because ABPT is backed by the highly liquid global precious metals market, there is no concern about it being nearly impossible to cash out if new regulations are introduced, which would be a concern with other digital assets.

ABPT Crypto coin also offers an investment opportunity that can lead to high growth with no fees, as it is poised to harness the Palladium sector, which will soon reach $6.1 trillion. Additionally, ABPT Crypto is transparent and regulated.


Palladium, a Tech Metal

Benefits of investing in ABPT Crypto Token

Regulated & Transparent

We embrace regulation and see it as a necessary stepping stone. Our vision is to make investing more accessible to every day investors like you by democratizing the entire process.

Secure & Stable

You can't fool the blockchain. ABPT Tokens uses smart contracts that allow it to function like digital cash. This means less risk, less speculation, and an easy way to invest in technology. Zero is impossible with Abpt Crypto Token.

Flexible & Liquid

When Digital Assets crash and new regulations are introduced, cashing out is nearly impossible. Months and years of profit can be lost in minutes. ABPT Token doesn't suffer from this problem because it is backed by the extremely liquid global Palladium market.

High Growth & Low Fees

Invest in a token that will grow your money not lose it. ABPT Token provides you with a unique way to profit from the soon-to-be $6.1 trillion technology sector.

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